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We work to help homeowners with a wide range of home repair, maintenance, and improvement tasks.


Corpus Christi Handyman can provide expert services to help homeowners keep their homes in top condition.


These services may include fixing leaky faucets, unclogging drains, repairing or replacing toilets, installing new fixtures, repairing or replacing pipes, and replacing water heaters.


Fact: A handyman with plumbing skills can handle most common plumbing problems, saving homeowners the cost of hiring a specialized plumber.

Electrical services generally include but are not limited to installing lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, outlets, and switches, and troubleshooting electrical problems.


Fact: A handyman with electrical experience can safely perform minor electrical work, but larger electrical jobs will require a licensed electrician.

General maintenance services may include routine maintenance of appliances, cleaning gutters, pressure washing, and lawn care.


Fact: A handyman can help homeowners keep their property well-maintained and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Carpentry services may include repairing and installing doors, windows, decks, fences, and cabinets.


Fact: A handyman with carpentry skills can handle most minor carpentry projects, but larger projects may require the expertise of a specialized carpenter.


These services generally include but are not limited to installing hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpeting.


We can also repair minor damage to existing floors, saving homeowners the expense of hiring a specialized flooring contractor.

Fact: Restoring historic flooring restoring or installing historic flooring, such as hardwood floors requires specialized tools and techniques for returning flooring to its original beauty.

We offer a variety of services to help you update or renovate your kitchen. Services may include cabinet and countertop installation, backsplash installation, sink installation: including both drop-in and undermount sinks, new faucets and garbage disposals if needed. 


We also offer appliance installation as well as cabinet lighting.

Fact: A handyman can help homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams. By offering a variety of services, they can provide a one-stop-shop for kitchen renovations and updates.

We offer interior and exterior painting, touch-up work, and preparation for painting.


Fact: A handyman can help homeowners refresh the look of their home without the expense of hiring a professional painter.

Some of the common window services we provide include window repair or replacing window glass, replacing window sashes, and fixing window frames, window installation, window cleaning, window weatherization, and window replacement.

Fact: A handyman who specializes in window services can help homeowners keep their windows in good condition and improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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